CEER and PRNC Publications for Download

We are committed to rescue all the Historical documents belonging to the Center for Energy and Environment Research (CEER)/ Puerto Rico Nuclear Center (PRNC), making public a catalog listing all the rescued documents and a copy of each rescued document available for downloading.
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Download PDF 1957 Rust JH.  1957.  Tenth Oak Ridge Regional Symposium, University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico January 25, 1957. (January 1957) PRNC-208A 1
Download PDF 1959 PRNC.  1959.  Historical Documents 1956 - 1957. (1959) PRNC-208 2
Download PDF 1959 Ferrer-Monge JA.  1959.  Health Physics Guide and Regulations. (October 1959) PRNC-2 3
Download PDF 1961 Ortiz E.  1961.  Simple Experiments that can be done with a Neutron Source. PRNC-24 4
Download PDF 1961 PRNC.  1961.  Técnicas de Radiosotopos Manual de Conferencia Vol. II. (Enero 1961) PRNC-74 5
Download PDF 1961 PRNC.  1961.  Técnicas de Radiosotopos Manual de Conferencia (Capítulos I al X). PRNC-74A 6
Download PDF 1961 Bugher JC.  1961.  The Laboratory Abroad Proceeding of the first symposium of the 15th National Conference on Adminisration of Research. (October 1961) PRNC-11 7
Download PDF 1961 Irizarry S, al. et.  1961.  The Renogram as a Tool for Evaluationg Patients with Cancer of the Cervix Uteri. PRNC-033 8
Download PDF 1963 Ferrer-Monge JA.  1963.  Area Monitoring Manual. (February 1963) PRNC-4 9
Download PDF 1963 [Anonymous].  1963.  Fire Plan of Mayaguez. (1963) PRNC-5 10
Download PDF 1963 Bugher JC, Gomberg HJ.  1963.  Research Activities at Puerto Rico Nuclear Center. (October 1963) PRNC-23 11
Download PDF 1963 Szmant H, Olavarria EP.  1963.  Base Catalyzed for anation of imidates. PRNC-20 12
Download PDF 1963 Bugher JC.  1963.  Hurricane Plan, Río Piedras. (Agoso 1963) PRNC-18 13
Download PDF 1963 Luse RA, Gomberg H, Vazquez F.  1963.  Resonance in Radiation Effects progress Sumary Report No. 1. (March 1963) PRNC-14 14
Download PDF 1963 Almodóvar I, Frazer C, Bielen HJ, Kay MJ.  1963.  Neutron Diffraction Program Progress Summary Report No. 1. (March 1963) PRNC-16 15
Download PDF 1963 Gomberg HJ, Luse RA.  1963.  Resonance in Radiation Effects Technical Report I. (1963) PRNC-012 16
Download PDF 1963 [Anonymous].  1963.  General Information. (October 1963) PRNC-22 17
Download PDF 1963 Cobas A, Szmant H.  1963.  Solid State Physics Program. (July 1963) PRNC-21 18
Download PDF 1963 Bugher JC.  1963.  Hurricane Plan, Mayaguez. (Agosto 1963) PRNC-19 19
1963 PRNC.  1963.  Progress Reports. (1963) PRNC-209 20
Download PDF 1963 Barceló H.  1963.  Program of Instruction for PRNC Reactor Operators (Academic Phase). PRNC-17 21
1963 Gonzalo JA.  1963.  Thermal Hipteresis in Barium Titanate. (October 1963) PRNC-25 22
Download PDF 1963 PRNC.  1963.  Distribution of radio active antimony formed by neutron capture in Antimony compounds. (1963) PRNC-29 23
Download PDF 1964 Gomberg HJ, Luse RA, Vazquez-Martinez F, Koo FKS, de Morales RJSantiago, Baltasar-Cruz V.  1964.  Resonance in Radiation Effects Technical Report No. 2. (May 1964) PRNC-40 24
1964 [Anonymous].  1964.  Annual Report. (1964) PRNC-73 25
Download PDF 1964 Monge JAFerrer, P González C, Soderstrom MH, Division HPhysics.  1964.  Procedures Manual for Personnel Monitoring. PRNC-6 26
Download PDF 1964 Daniels M, Grimison A.  1964.  Photochemistry and Radiation Chemistry Project. (December 1964) PRNC-44 27
Download PDF 1964 Rushford F.  1964.  An Examination of Program Objective. (April 1964) PRNC-48 28
Download PDF 1964 Bugher JC.  1964.  Procedures for Operating Co60 Gamma Iradiation Facility. (April 1964) PRNC-52 29
Download PDF 1964 Cantarell I, Almodóvar I.  1964.  Research in Photomultiplier Tube Fatigue: Prediction, Acceleration and Correction of Fatigue Effects in Photomultipliers Tubes. PRNC-36 30
1964 Odum HJ.  1964.  Conceptual Plan for the Research Building at El Verde for the Rain Forest Project. (1964) PRNC-1 31
Download PDF 1964 Almodóvar I.  1964.  Progress Report No. 2 Neutron Diffraction Program. (January 1964) PRNC-30 32
Download PDF 1964 Gomberg HJ.  1964.  Operating Limits for L-77 Reactor. (January 1964) PRNC-31 33
Download PDF 1964 [Anonymous].  1964.  Terrestrial Ecology Part II. Radiation Induced Variability in Inorganous Arthropod-Borne Animal Viruses of Puerto Rico. (April 1964) PRNC-35 34
Download PDF 1964 Facetti JC.  1964.  Chemical State of Sb125 formed in the Compounds Irradiated with Neutrons. (April 1964) PRNC-53 35
Download PDF 1964 Cobas A, Szmant H.  1964.  Radiator Damage in Organic Crystals. (March 1964) PRNC-38 36
Download PDF 1964 Ortiz E, Facetti JF.  1964.  A simple device for Half-Life Measurement of High Gamma Rays Emitter. (May 1964) PRNC-43 37
Download PDF 1964 Bugher JC.  1964.  Training and Education Program Outlines. (October 1964) PRNC-50 38
Download PDF 1965 Mozo EAPaez.  1965.  Estudio de Distribución de Alcances en tungsteno del estroncio-91 y Bario-140 producidos en la fisión térmica de Uranio enriquecido. PRNC-71 39
1965 Chiriboga J.  1965.  Effect of Whole Body Gamma Irradiation on Synthesis and Excretion of Glucuronides in Rats. (December 1965) PRNC-79 40
Download PDF 1965 [Anonymous].  1965.  Evaluation Study of Summer Insitute in Radiation Biology. (1965) PRNC-66 41
Download PDF 1965 Kay MI, Cromer DT.  1965.  Fortran Program for Calculation of Neutron Difraction Magneic Intensities. PRNC-78 42
Download PDF 1965 Weinbren P.  1965.  Twelfth Bio-Medical Advisory Commitee Meeting. (November 1965) PRNC-77 43
Download PDF 1965 [Anonymous].  1965.  General Information. (July 1965) PRNC-47 44
Download PDF 1965 Hoyos AJ, Sasscer DS.  1965.  Random Numbers from a Radioactive Source, a Master of Science Thesis. PRNC-75 45
Download PDF 1965 PRNC.  1965.  Progress Report. Sugarcane Borer Project. (May 1965) PRNC-63 46
Download PDF 1965 Daniels M.  1965.  Radiation Chemistry and Photochemistry of Aqueus Solutions of Oxyanions. (April 1965) PRNC-62 47
Download PDF 1965 Gomberg HJ.  1965.  Procedures for Operating CO 60 Gamma Pool Irradiation facility- Mayaguez. (June 1965) PRNC-72 48
Download PDF 1965 [Anonymous].  1965.  Annual Report. (1965) PRNC-82 49
Download PDF 1965 PRNC.  1965.  Research and Training (October 2, 1957 - December 31, 1963). (October 1957- December 1963) PRNC-70 50
Download PDF 1965 PRNC.  1965.  Program and Abstracts for the U.S. Atomic Energy Comision of Biology and Medicine Bio-Medical Program Director Meeting San Juan, Puerto Rico February 8-9, 1965. (February 1965) PRNC-56 51
Download PDF 1965 Cobas A, Szmant H, Torruella AJ, Trester S, Weisz Z.  1965.  Radiation Damage in Organic Crystals. PRNC-58 52
Download PDF 1965 [Anonymous].  1965.  Clinical Radioisotope Program Research Project Information. (Julio 1965) PRNC-68 53
Download PDF 1965 Koo FKS, Gomberg HJ.  1965.  Resonant Action of Low Energy Monochromatic X-Rays on Chromosomes Incorporated with 5-Bromodeoxyuridine. (January 1965) PRNC-54 54
Download PDF 1965 [Anonymous].  1965.  Descriptionof Reactor and Experimental Facilities and Information for Experiment. (February 1965) PRNC-57 55
Download PDF 1965 Kay MI, Almodóvar I, González JA.  1965.  Neutron Difraction Programs Progress Summary Report No. 4. (May 1965) PRNC-84 56
Download PDF 1965 PRNC.  1965.  Operating Limits for the PRNC Pool Type Research Reactor. PRNC-64 57
Download PDF 1965 Facetti JC, Trabal JE, Santos M, de González CLBerrios, Cruz ML, Wheeher OH.  1965.  Hot-Atom Chemistry program Progress Summary Report No. 1. (July 1964- May 1966) PRNC-86 58
Download PDF 1965 Odum HT, Murphy P, Smith RF, Lugo A, McCormick F, Cowley GT, Holler JP, Witkamp M, Johnson PL, Koo FKS et al..  1965.  The Rain Forest Project: Annual Report FY-65. PRNC-61 59
Download PDF 1965 Gomberg H, Luse RA, Koo FKS, Paraskevoudakis P, F Martínez V, Baltasar-Cruz V.  1965.  Resonance in Radiation Effects Technical Report #3. PRNC-69 60
Download PDF 1965 Carrasquillo A, Szmant H.  1965.  Organic Boron Compounds for Neutron Activation theraphy of Malignt tissues progress report. (September 1965) PRNC-76 61
Download PDF 1965 PRNC.  1965.  Progress Report Marine Biology Program. PRNC-60 62
Download PDF 1965 Odum HT.  1965.  An electrical portrayal of energy and carbon circuits of principal compartments of any ecosystem. (July 1965) PRNC-067 63
Download PDF 1965 Gileady AE, Sánchez A.  1965.  Xenon build up under various operating conditions in the Puerto Rico Nuclear Center Research Reactor. PRNC-83 64
Download PDF 1965 [Anonymous].  1965.  Biomass-Production of Sugarcane and Tropical Grasses as a Renewable Energy Source. PRNC-80 65
1966 Bugher JC.  1966.  Fire Plan Biomedical Building. (September 1966) PRNC-90 66
Download PDF 1966 PRNC.  1966.  Cause in Tissue Culture and Radioisotopic of Cellular and Subcellular Level Laboratory excercises. (October- November 1966) PRNC-91 67
Download PDF 1967 Kay MI, Kaplan SF, Kleinberg R, Ritter HL, Almodóvar I, DT C.  1967.  Neutron Diffraction Program. Progress Summary Report No. 5. (April 1967) PRNC-94 68
Download PDF 1967 Walker DW.  1967.  Radiation- induced sterility for population conrol of he sugarcane borer (Diatraea saccharalis) in Puerto Rico. PRNC-122 69
Download PDF 1967 Vidal BACruz.  1967.  Cener formation at 78*K in KB during Exposure to monochromatic X-ray energies around the bromine K edge. (May 1967) PRNC-106 70
1967 Trabal JE, Santos M, McClin ML, Berrios CL, H Alonso L, Lecumbery C, Pantoja R.  1967.  Hot-Atom Chemistry Program. Progress Summary Report No. 2. (April 1966- March 1967) PRNC-101 71
1967 Brown-Campos R.  1967.  Final Safety Analysis Report P.R.N.C. One Kilowatt Reactor at Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. PRNC-111 72
1967 PRNC.  1967.  Preliminary proposal for participation in program of technical cooperation. Organization of American States. PRNC-113 73
Download PDF 1967 PRNC.  1967.  Program Abstracts. (May 1967) PRNC-98 74
Download PDF 1967 Kline JR.  1967.  The Rain Forest Project - A Renewal Proposal for Fiscal Year 1968. (March 1967) PRNC-210 75
Download PDF 1967 Kline JR, Staff.  1967.  The Rain Forest Project Annual Report FY-1967. (April 1966- March 1967) PRNC-103 76
Download PDF 1967 Gileady AE.  1967.  Excess Reactivities Associated with Certain Core Configuration of the PRNC Research Reactor and the proposed pool critical facility. (November 1967) PRNC-108 77
Download PDF 1967 Walker DW.  1967.  Radiation- Induced Sterility for Ppulation Control of the Sugarcane Borer (diatraea Saccharalis). (May 1967) PRNC-100 78
Download PDF 1967 Cobas A, Weisz Z.  1967.  Study of Radiation Damage in Organic crystals programs sumary report No. 4. (October 1967) PRNC-107 79
Download PDF 1967 del Río S, Gileadi AE.  1967.  The problem of Xenon building in Operating Reactors. (January 1967) PRNC-93 80
Download PDF 1967 PRNC.  1967.  Annual Report. (1967) PRNC-121 81
Download PDF 1967 Lee RA.  1967.  Radiolisis of Gaseous Hidroghalides. (June 1967) PRNC-105 82
Download PDF 1967 [Anonymous].  1967.  Abstracts of Programs Supported by he AEC Division of Nuclear Education and Training Physical Research Biology and Medicine Isotopes Development. (January 1967) PRNC-81 83
1968 Rebadeneira FJMuñoz.  1968.  The PRNC program at the US Atomic energy commission Atoms in Action Exhibits. (April 1968) PRNC-120 84
Download PDF 1968 Grimisom A, Simpson GA.  1968.  Puerto Rico Nuclear Center- Matrix Isolation Studies of the Gamma Radiolysis of Heterocyclic Molecules Technical Progress Report #3. (April 1968) PRNC-116 85
1968 Gileadi AE, F Carrasco L.  1968.  Determination of the Transfer Function and Certain Kinetics Parameter of the L-77 Reactor. Nuclear Engineering. Master of Science(May 1968) PRNC-118 86
Download PDF 1968 [Anonymous].  1968.  Annual Report. (1968) PRNC-131 87
Download PDF 1968 J R Kline, Jordan CF, Drewry GE.  1968.  The Rain Forest Project Annual Report. (June 1968) PRNC-119 88
1968 A Cordero R, Sasscer D.  1968.  Investigation of the gas produced by the Nuclear Iradiation of Barytes concrete containing a boron additive. (April 1969) PRNC-126 89
1968 Kay MI, Kaplan S, Kleinberg R, Gonzalo JA, Gromer DT.  1968.  Neutron Diffraction Program Progress Summary Report No. 6. (April 1968) PRNC-115 90
1968 Gileady AE, Lee C.  1968.  A Study of Computation Methods used in determine fuel depletion in Nuclear Reactor. (March 1968) PRNC-117 91
Download PDF 1968 Ferrer-Monge JA.  1968.  Environmental Survey Procedures Manual. (July 1968) PRNC-3 92
1969 [Anonymous].  1969.  Staff Directory. (1969) PRNC-13 93
Download PDF 1969 Jordan CF, Drewry GE.  1969.  The Rain Forest Project Annual Report. (June 1969) PRNC-129 94
Download PDF 1969 Cheney JA, Talley WR.  1969.  Plowshore Workshop. (August 1969) PRNC-110 95
Download PDF 1969 Wheeher OH, Kay AS, Trabal JE.  1969.  Radioactive Decay Correction Tables. (October 1969) PRNC-109 96
Download PDF 1969 [Anonymous].  1969.  Annual Report. (1969) PRNC-140 97
1969 Pedersen KB.  1969.  Development of Prediction Equations for Cratering from Models. PRNC-125 98
1969 [Anonymous].  1969.  1969 Education & Training Bulletin. (1968- 1969) PRNC-124 99
1969 Kay MI, Kelinberg K.  1969.  Neutron Diffraction Program Progress Summary Report 7. (April 1969) PRNC-127 100
Download PDF 1969 Grimisom A, Simpson GA.  1969.  Matrix Isolation Studies of the Gamma Radiolysis of Heterocyclic Molecules Program Report 4. (April 1969) PRNC-128 101
1969 Wheeher OH, Trabal JE, Clein ML, H Alonso L.  1969.  Hot-Atom Chemistry Program Progress Summary Report 4. (April 1968- 1969) PRNC-130 102
Download PDF 1969 Aviles M, Pederson K.  1969.  Activation Analysis as a Method for tracing suspended sediment. PRNC-142 103
1969 PRNC.  1969.  Safeguards Summary Report for the Triga-Flip Reactor at the Puerto Rico Nuclear Center, Mayaguez Contract No. a (40-1) 3856. (April 1969) PRNC-123 104
1969 [Anonymous].  1969.  Radiation and Isotope Technology in Latin American Development. (May 1969) PRNC-135 105
1969 Ortiz E, K de Arellano deRamírez.  1969.  Measurement of Fluorescent Radiation in Various Substract Induced by Radio Isotope Gamma. (July 1969) PRNC-133 106
Download PDF 1970 [Anonymous].  1970.  Selected Information PRNC. (March 1970) PRNC-211 107
Download PDF 1970 PRNC.  1970.  Tissue Culture and Radioisotopes techniques at Cellular and Subcellular level. Program and laboratory exercise manual. (June- July 1970) PRNC-91A 108
Download PDF 1970 Kleinberg R.  1970.  A Least Square Refinement of the X-Ray Data on Azurite Cu3 (OH) 2Co32. PRNC-145 109
Download PDF 1970 PRNC.  1970.  Technical Assistance Program in Food Preservation by Radiation for Instituto Centroamericano de Investigación y Tecnología Industrial (ICAITI) : Final Report. (July 1970) PRNC-219 110
Download PDF 1970 [Anonymous].  1970.  Annual Report. (1970) PRNC-144 111
Download PDF 1970 PRNC.  1970.  Report Number 2: Evaluation of health hazards due to uninentional irradiation of the gonads during routine abdominal x-ray examination of male and female patients in puerto rico. (June 1970) PRNC-008 112
Download PDF 1970 Clements RG, Drewry GE.  1970.  The Rain Forest Project Annual Report. (June 1970) PRNC-147 113
Download PDF 1971 De León DD, Ritchie LS, Chiriboga J.  1971.  Programa de Fasciola Hepática en Puerto Rico - Primer Informe- Enero de 1970 a Abril de 1971. (enero 1970- abril 1971) PRNC-148 114
Download PDF 1971 Gileadi M.  1971.  Report Number 3: Evaluation of health hazards due to uninentional irradiation of the gonads during routine abdominal x-ray examination of male and female patients in puerto rico. (May 1971) PRNC-009 115
Download PDF 1971 Kleinberg R.  1971.  Crystal structure of CoBr2 GH2O at room temperature by neutron diffraction. PRNC-146 116
Download PDF 1971 [Anonymous].  1971.  Annual Report. PRNC-157 117
Download PDF 1972 [Anonymous].  1972.  Aguirre Power Project Environmental Studies. 1972 Annual Report. Volume I. PRNC-162A 118
Download PDF 1972 [Anonymous].  1972.  Report on Curent Training and Research Activities at the Puerto Rico Nuclear Center. (May 1972) PRNC-218 119
Download PDF 1972 PRNC.  1972.  Programas de Adiestramiento y Estudios. PRNC-152 120
Download PDF 1972 [Anonymous].  1972.  Annual Report 1972. (1972) PRNC-165 121
Download PDF 1972 [Anonymous].  1972.  Aguirre Power Project Environmental Studies. 1972 Annual Report. Volume II. PRNC-162B 122
Download PDF 1972 Walker DW.  1972.  Insect Sterility Program Technical Report 6. (February 1972) PRNC-151 123
Download PDF 1972 [Anonymous].  1972.  AEC Biomedical Program Director Meeting. (February 1972) PRNC-213 124
Download PDF 1973 Ortiz E, Arenas G.  1973.  Gas Stopping Power Measurement for Alpha Particles. (May 1973) PRNC-164 125
Download PDF 1973 DW; W.  1973.  Insect Sterility Technical Report 7. (April 1973) PRNC-161 126
Download PDF 1973 PRNC.  1973.  Staff Curriculum Vitae. US AEC Program Review. (December 1973) PRNC-207 127
Download PDF 1973 Gileady AE, N Kappasamy G.  1973.  Computer Aided Decomposition of Gamma Spectra Emitted by Certain Radioactive Nuclides. PRNC-160 128
Download PDF 1973 [Anonymous].  1973.  Annual Report 1973. (1973) PRNC-176 129
Download PDF 1974 Wood E, Youngbluth MJ, Vicente VP, Martin DF, Canoy MJ.  1974.  Punta Higuero Power Plant: Environmental Studies 1973- 1974. PRNC-174 130
Download PDF 1974 Wood E.  1974.  Winds for Puerto Rico with Summaries. San Juan 1971-1974. Vol. I & II. (1971-1974) PRNC-192 131
Download PDF 1974 [Anonymous].  1974.  Hydrographic Data Report- North Coast of Puerto Rico 1973- 1974. (1973- 1974) PRNC-177 132
Download PDF 1975 Wood E, Asencio R.  1975.  Hidrographic Data Report - West Coast of Puerto Rico, 1973- 1974. (May 1975) PRNC-184 133
Download PDF 1975 Cuevas E, Clements R.  1975.  Changes in Selected water quality parameters as influenced by land use patterns in the Espiritu Santo Drainage Basin. (December 1975) PRNC-195 134
Download PDF 1975 Wood E.  1975.  Aerial Infrared Scanning of Discharge regions of present and alternate power plants sites. Vol I and II. (April 1975) PRNC-180 135
Download PDF 1975 [Anonymous].  1975.  La Chalupa Mission #12- Final Report. (March 1975) PRNC-178 136
Download PDF 1975 PRNC.  1975.  Environmental Studies of the Proposed North Coast Nuclear Plant Unit No. 1 Site. Final Report. Volume II. PRNC-197 137
Download PDF 1975 PRNC.  1975.  Aguirre Environmental Studies Jobos Bay, Puerto Rico: Final Report. June 1975 Volume I. PRNC-196 138
Download PDF 1975 Wood E, Youngbluth MJ, Nut ME, Yoshioka P, Canoy MJ.  1975.  Tortugero Bay Environmental Studies. (April 1975) PRNC-181 139
Download PDF 1975 Rebadeneira FJMuñoz, Canoy MJ.  1975.  Toxic in the Atmosphere. (May 1975) PRNC-186 140
Download PDF 1975 Wood E, Asencio R.  1975.  Hidrographic Data Report - South Coast of Puerto Rico. (May 1975) PRNC-185 141
Download PDF 1975 Ferguson FF, Medina F.  1975.  Plantas potencialmente peligrosas de Puerto Rico: Guía preliminar. (agosto 1975) PRNC-193 142
Download PDF 1975 Wood E, Youngbluth MJ, Nut ME, Yoshioka P.  1975.  Cabo Rojo Platform Environmental Studies. (May 1975) PRNC-187 143
Download PDF 1975 Wood E.  1975.  A Manual for Hydrographic Cruises. (May 1975) PRNC-190 144
Download PDF 1975 [Anonymous].  1975.  Punta Manatí Environmental Studies. (April 1975) PRNC-182 145
Download PDF 1975 Wood E, Youngbluth MJ, Yoshioka P, Canoy MJ.  1975.  Cabo Mala Pascua Environmental Studies. PRNC-188 146
Download PDF 1975 Seiglee GA.  1975.  Foraminefers and Carbonate Components of Sediments off the Islote Norco NP-1 Site. Supplementary Report. (June 1975) PRNC-197A 147
Download PDF 1975 PRNC.  1975.  Annual Report January 1974- June 1975. (January 1974- June 1975) PRNC-198 148
Download PDF 1975 Parrish JD.  1975.  Punta Higuero Environmental Studies, Supplementary Report. (May 1975) PRNC-183A 149
Download PDF 1975 Wood E, Youngbluth MJ, Nut ME, Yoshioka P.  1975.  Canoy Cabo Mola Pascua Envionmental Studies. (June 1975) PRNC-189 150
Download PDF 1975 Block AMcB, Clements RG, Rosa LI, Santos F.  1975.  Themoluminescence Dosimetry in North West Puerto Rico. (July 1975) PRNC-191 151
Download PDF 1976 Andrew C, D S.  1976.  Environmental Monitoring of Argon 41. PRNC-205 152
Download PDF 1976 [Anonymous].  1976.  The Effects of Gamma Irradiation on Different Stages of Fisciola Hepatica. PRNC-200 153
Download PDF 1976 Villamil J, Clements RG.  1976.  Some Aspects of the Ecology of the Fresh Water Shrimps in the Upper Espirity Santo River at El Verde, Puerto Rico. PRNC-206 154
Download PDF 1976 PRNC.  1976.  Project Proposal and Authorization Program RX. (1976) PRNC-217 155
Download PDF 1976 Jobin WR, Ferguson FF, Brown R.  1976.  Ecological Review of Hydroelectric Reservoirs in Puerto Rico. (October 1976) CEER-E-001 156
Download PDF 1976 [Anonymous].  1976.  General Information. (March 1976) PRNC-214 157
Download PDF 1976 [Anonymous].  1976.  Health and Safety Regulation Manual. Health and Safety Division. (June 1976) PRNC-199 158
Download PDF 1976 PRNC.  1976.  Project Proposal and Authorization Research Programs. (May 1976) PRNC-221 159
Download PDF 1976 Block AMcB, Clements RG.  1976.  Radionuclide content of soils from Barrio Islote. Arecibo, Puerto Rico. (June 1976) PRNC-202 160
Download PDF 1977 Price M, Thurston J, G de Castro L, Cruz LL, de Caro Zimmerman D.  1977.  The Release of Cadium, Chronium, Copper, Nickel and Zinc by Sewage Sludge an the Subsequent Uptake by Members of a Turtle Grass (Thalassia Testudinum) Ecosystems. (May 1977) CEER-M-002 161
Download PDF 1977 PRNC.  1977.  Puerto Rico Nuclear Center Annual Report: July 1, 1975- September 30, 1976. (October 1977) CEER-A-005 162
Download PDF 1977 Negrón H, Nazario CM.  1977.  The 1976 Skin Test Survey for Schistosomiasis in Puerto Rico. (September 1977) CEER-E-004 163
Download PDF 1977 PRNC.  1977.  Staff Resumes. (May 1977) CEER-A-003 164
Download PDF 1978 CEER.  1978.  Actas de la Primera Conferencia del Caribe sobre la Energía para el Desarrollo: 3- de abril de 1978. (April 1978) CEER-X-010 165
Download PDF 1978 Kay MI, Sasscer D, Bonnet JA.  1978.  Proposal for a Study of Potencial for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion as Renewable Energy Source for Developing. Vol. I Technical Proposal. (April 1978) PRNC-212 166
Download PDF 1978 Jobin WR.  1978.  The Ecology of Bilharzia and Agricultural Development in Puerto Rico During the Twenieth Century. (May 1978) CEER-E-006 167
Download PDF 1978 Negrón H, Nazario CM, Jobin WR.  1978.  La Distribución de Bilharzia en Puerto Rico por Municipios, 1976. (July 1978) CEER-E-007 168
Download PDF 1978 Butler JM, Ferguson FF, Palmer JR, Jobin WR.  1978.  Observation on Schistosome Infections of Biom-Phalaria Glabrata and an Invading Population of Tarebia Granifera in a Small Stream in Puerto Rico. (September 1978) CEER-E-008 169
Download PDF 1978 Jobin WR, Nazario CM.  1978.  Strategies for Bilharzia Control in puerto Rico, 1978. (February 1978) CEER-O-012 170
Download PDF 1978 Pesante D.  1978.  A Study of the Plankton in Laguna Joyuda a Tropical Lagoon on the West Coast of Puerto Rico (MS Thesis). (1978) CEER-M-126 171
Download PDF 1978 A Moll G.  1978.  Abundance Studies on the Anolis Lizards and Insect Populations of Altitudinally Different Tropical Forest Habitats. (November 1978) CEER-T-011 172
Download PDF 1978 Mosquera RA.  1978.  Química del Agua Intersticial y Varios Parametros Estructurales Cuantificados en un Manglar Riverino, en el Río Espíritu Santo, Río Grande, Puerto Rico. (May 1979) CEER-T-18 173
Download PDF 1979 Bonnet JA.  1979.  Opportunities for Technical Cooperation in the Development of Energy Alternatives in the Caribbean Area. (November 1979) CEER-X-046 174
Download PDF 1979 CEER.  1979.  R & D Program needs for Energy Alternativs in Puerto Rico: Preliminary Report. (June 1979) CEER-X-31 175
Download PDF 1979 Mayda J.  1979.  Energy Conservation in Transportation in Puerto Rico: A Policy Study. (September 1979) CEER-X-032 176
Download PDF 1979 Goldman GC, Lópoz JM, Castro R.  1979.  Prediction of the Effects of Resuspension of Sediment During Construction Phase of a Hypothetical Offshore Power Plant, West of Mayaguuez, Puerto Rico. (May 1979) CEER-M-037 177
Download PDF 1979 CEER.  1979.  Proposed Solution for Energy and Environmental Problems in Puerto Rico (Internal Circulation). (May 1979) CEER-X-030 178
Download PDF 1979 Pelegrina D.  1979.  El efecto de la luz y la salinidad en la rotación del Propaguloo de Phizophora Mangle. (August 1979) CEER-T-044 179
Download PDF 1979 López JM.  1979.  Data Report, OHER- OEC Cruise, 8-12 November 1979. (January 1980) CEER-O-056 180
Download PDF 1979 Block AMcB, Ortabasi U, Riesco MB.  1979.  High Volume, High Blood Wastes: The Magnetic Separations. (May 1979) CEER-C-019 181
Download PDF 1979 Villamil J.  1979.  Concentración de bacterias coliforme y contaje total de bacterias del sistema de purificación de aguas domésticas basado en la Asociación de Jacintos de Aguas. (Diciembre 1979) CEER-T-053 182
Download PDF 1979 Clements R.  1979.  Methods and Instruments: A Brief History of the Terrestrial Ecology Program, etc.. (August 1979) CEER-T-040 183
Download PDF 1979 [Anonymous].  1979.  Updating the Air Conditioning Unit, New Wing- Bio- Medical Building. (February 1979) CEER-PS-024 184
Download PDF 1979 Ortabasi U, Waston JHP.  1979.  A Program Proposal to Establish the Feasiblity of Using High Gradient Magnetic Separation for Effective Treatment of Mostos from Puerto Rico's Rum Distilleries. (May 1979) CEER-PC-21 185
Download PDF 1979 Jobin WR, Laracuente A.  1979.  Biological Control of Schistosome Transmission in Flowing Water Habitats of Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. (April 1979) CEER-E-016 186
Download PDF 1979 Block AMcB, Ortabasi U.  1979.  Magnetic Filtration Mobile Testing Laboratory: Grant Request to Roche Products Inc. and Technicon Reagents Corporations. (May 1979) CEER-PC-020 187
Download PDF 1979 Stary SJ.  1979.  A Study of Mercury Concentrations of Red Mangroves of the South and West Coasts of Puerto Rico. (August 1979) CEER-M-043 188
Download PDF 1979 Brown RA, Jobin WR, Laracuente A, Mercado R, Quiñones V.  1979.  Preliminary Results from A Survey of Water Quality in some Puerto Rican Lakes. (February 1979) CEER-E-15 189
Download PDF 1979 [Anonymous].  1979.  Total and Diffuse Insolation Data for Cataño - Report #1. July 1 to October 31, 1978. (January 1979) CEER-S-022 190
Download PDF 1979 Negrón H, Jobin WR.  1979.  Age-Specific Reactions to Skin Test for Schistosomiasis in Nine Endemic Municipalities of Puerto Rico 1969-1976. (February 1979) CEER-E-014 191
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